BBC Attack Gingers

Ginger woman being demeaned in Dr Who by conforming to stereotype that all gingers are damn sexy*

Another attack on gingers has emerged. The new year was not yet one day old when the first firing shots came, aimed at the most oppressed people in Britain. It wasn’t from the usual source, fat kids who try to deflect their own lack of self esteem onto other people, but an apparent bastion of liberal values, the BBC.

In the Beeb’s flagship program over the holiday, Dr Who, the new Doctor in his first scenes attacked gingers with the disgusting line  saying he is “still not ginger“. Quite rightly 143 outraged viewers, probably all ginger, complained to the BBC.

I dread to think of the thousands of poor gingers sitting watching this apparent “family” program hearing this line (at the end of the program, obviously so the ginger insult is fresh in people’s minds when the program finishes, giving scum the chance to abuse a ginger) and dreading what was to come.

I call on gingers across the world to stand firm in their struggle against oppression. The BBC may feel they can insult us without consequence, but plans are already underway to get revenge on the BBC for this attack.

*Rumour may have been started by me.


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