What the fuck are people searching for?

Ok, this site doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic. In fact, no-one’s reading this, I’m just typing it out to sooth my ego. But the traffic I do get, well, I’m not sure if I want to get. Here are the top searches for my blog;

  • human head plaster cast – What. The. Fuck? I have neither written about this or a clue what this is.
  • new moral blatant of beckham – Moral what of Beckham? Who even thinks the Beckhams have morals, let alone a “moral blatant”
  • amanda holden hot ass – Ok, I did write about this. But seriously, get a life.
  • victoria beckham ass’s – Ass’s plural? How many does she have?
  • naked woman in public – Go to Newcastle on a Friday night there are plenty.

Thanks for reading my blog and all, but if you’re here for those reasons, erm, you need help.